And the winner is…

Safer Surfacing bottle top competition We exhibited at the Public Space Innovation show last week. The event was held at the NEC, in Birmingham and ran over 2 days. Wanting to highlight the recycling and revaluing work we do, we decided to hold a competition

Why we #Revalue

I’m a big fan of Simon Sinec, his #TedTalk on “Start with why” is inspirational. Safer Surfacing is a recycling and manufacturing team, who make really handy recycled rubber products for the play, landscape and construction sectors (amongst many others). We think we do a

Rubber mulch – the Daily Mile solution!

With the latest round of sports premium being available this month, many schools are thinking about the optimal way of implementing it. With outdoor play being so fundamental in a child’s overall development, investing in a usable year-round outdoor surface is ideal. This blog via

3 reasons to consider rubber chippings when landscaping your garden

If like us, you are a fan of ITV’s Love Your Garden show you will see how multifunctional your garden needs to be.   Being involved in an episode on series 2 of the show gave us a real insight into how complex a modern

Rubber chippings making a splash in Devon!

Ok – the rubber chippings aren’t quite making a splash… they’re actually making a river! The lovely people at Pride in Brixham used our blue chippings in their design. Their Mayflower Garden project has a river flowing around a large central anchor. Pride in Brixham selected

Rubber chippings – what size do they come in?

Here at Safer Surfacing we manufacture rubber chippings from used vehicle tyres. We have led the way on this for over 15 years! One of the most frequently asked questions is: What size bags do they come in? This blog aims to answer that succinctly.

Making your garden play area safe and colourful!

Safer Surfacing make outdoor play and gardening safe, simple and colourful! Our rubber chippings have a range of uses from making play safe to making gardens beautiful.     Outdoor play is important for children and we know how changeable the British weather can be!

10mm chipping, a fantastic garden landscaping material.

Recycled rubber chipping makes a fantastic garden landscaping material This is our premium recycled rubber chipping. Made from 100% rubber and completely free from fibre and wire. This dense material makes the perfect garden landscape material that rivals traditional gravel. Safer Surfacing manufacture these chippings

Spotlight on… 20mm rubber chippings

Safer Surfacing recycled rubber chippings Simple, effective, colourful, safe and long lasting. This sentence sums up our famous recycled 20mm rubber chippings. Safer Surfacing Ltd has produced this versatile product for many years. A versatile product The rubber chippings are a multi-use product, featuring in

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