Automotive rubber chippings for equestrian surfacing

automotive rubber chipping for equestrian surfacing

Automotive rubber chippings, our economy product for equestrian surfacing

The UK automotive industry generates many tonnes of waste products each year. When a vehicle comes to the end of its working life disposal is the only option. Whether a vehicle is broken up for parts or scrapped altogether, there is a certain amount of waste.
Safer Surfacing Ltd concentrates on two particular areas. Used vehicle tyres and automotive rubber.
You can find out about what we do with used vehicle tyres here.


We recycle the automotive rubber into chippings. That is ideal for equestrian surfacing and bowling green ditch fill.
The automotive rubber may need a small top up every year or so, depending on the amount if usage.

Automotive rubber for equestrian surfaces

Automotive rubber chippings


The rubber is in varying lengths and is from door and window trim. This trim will have metal in it so we process the rubber to remove 99.9% of the metal. We then shred the rubber up into small chippings (8 – 20mm in length).
We then separate the automotive rubber chipping from the metal. The automotive rubber chippings are then stored in bulk and we recycle the metal.
The chippings make a great riding surface for arenas and menages. The chippings are soft, warm and do not freeze in normal winter conditions.
The automotive chippings can be laid to a depth of 50mm across the arena. You then harrow into place to blend with the existing sand. To calculate the amount you need you can use our handy area calculator.

automotive rubber for equestrian surfacing in-situ


We also sell this product to bowling green clubs throughout the UK as it makes an ideal ditch fill. It is a great alternative to the traditional sand and stone filling. It does not puddle or causes any damage to woods and lawn mowers!
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