Adding a splash of colour to our meeting room floor with wetpour

Bringing colour into the office

Here at Safer Surfacing we try our best to practice what we preach. With this in mind we wanted to tidy up our second meeting room, to make it an immersive experience for all.

Team Safer decided that we would apply a rubber floor in the room so that even before visitors have sat down, they are experiencing our product.

We wanted to highlight the use of recycled rubber as opposed to the environmentally draining EPDM material. So we asked our team to put their extensive skills to good use and create a wetpour floor (1-4mm recycled rubber crumb bound together with  a resin binder). We have a warm, sound absorbing and colourful floor – that just looks and feels great.

floor with wetpour surface

Why recycled rubber crumb?

With over 100,000 vehicle tyres being scrapped every day in the UK we want to make difference by up-cycling them into usable products. We convert the raw material, sort, sift and then seal and colour it. We then sell these products into a variety of sectors including play, landscaping, poultry keeping and even roof terrace surfacing.

The 1-4mm crumb is such a versatile product, and with it’s critical fall height certification – it is safe, long lasting and impactful. It can be laid onto most surfaces and you can add patterns and colours to make it truly versatile.

Wetpour on floor of office

How is wetpour laid?

We created a short video of how the wetpour product is mixed and laid. You can see it here on our YouTube channel.

The end result

We have ended up with a talking point – something that attracts the eye immediately. Some of our visitors have been really taken by the new surface. So much so that they like to touch it to experience what it feels like!

We will keep on innovating and looking for environmentally sensible ways to recycle vehicle tyres. We are Safer Surfacing and that is what we do.



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