Recycled Rubber Products

Recycled Rubber Products

Safer Surfacing recycled rubber products range

We are really passionate about finding alternative solutions for one of the most difficult to dispose waste materials – used vehicle tyres. We turn them into a range of really useful rubber products that are versatile and long lasting. From landscaping, play surfacing, domestic gardening, right through to equestrianism and chicken keeping – we’ve got it covered!

All of our recycled rubber products are long lasting and make a viable alternative to the more traditional forest bark and mulch.

Our products do not rot, blow away or require any topping up – making them an affordable and long lasting product.

The 20mm rubber chippings, premium 10mm rubber chippings, rubber crumb and rubber mulch can all be resin bound to make a permanent, safe and long lasting surface. These products also come with a critical fall height certification according to BS EN1177:2008.

Our range of recycled rubber products are available in the following colours (all of which can be mixed to suit your requirements).

  • Green
  • Brown
  • Terracotta
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Dark plum
  • Black

   20mm rubber chippings:

   recycled 20mm rubber chipping in gardenrecycled 20mm rubber chipping as a play surfacerecycled 20mm chippings for chicken runs

   Safer Surfacing led the way in developing a reuse for used vehicle tyres with our 20mm rubber chippings.

   These are a truly versatile range of chippings that can be used in a wide range of applications. We have created products for the following.

  1. Loose fill and resin bound play surfaces
  2. Domestic and commercial garden landscaping
  3. As aground cover for pathways
  4. As a plant topper
  5. Ground cover for chicken and poultry coops

   Our 20mm rubber chippings have even been used in films, theatres and major tourist attractions throughout the world!

You can read our blog on 20mm chippings here.

Premium 10mm rubber chippings:

 image of 10mm premium chippingsPremium 10mm recycled rubber chipping in a garden

 Our latest product launch is the premium 20mm chippings. Like all of our recycled products this is truly versatile and long lasting. The premium 10mm chippings look amazing in landscaping, play areas and both as a loose fill or as a resin bound surface.

The unique nature of this product really lends itself so well to our colour and sealing process, leaving the chippings with a truly impressive finish.

You can read our latest blog here.

Recycled rubber crumb:

 rubber crumb wetpour imageRubber crumb wetpour with hopscotch pattern

Recycled rubber crumb is the most popular surface for children’s playgrounds, path and walk ways and even around swimming pools and patios!

Commonly known as wetpour, the rubber crumb is mixed with a resin binder to produce a smooth and colourful safety surface.

The rubber crumb can also include graphics, images and lines so you really can be creative in your design.

As with all of our products, the surface preparation is really important and you can see our installation guides here.

You can read all about how we create safe, engaging and long lasting play surfaces for day nurseries here.

Recycled rubber mulch:

 image of recycled rubber mulch in a playgroundrecycled rubber mulch as a green playground surface

Safer Surfacing’s recycled rubber mulch is another fantastic example of a multi use innovative product.

The rubber mulch is widely used as a ground cover and also a premium playground surface.

It is the most natural looking product that closely resembles a typical forest flooring.

Available in 4 main colours of brown, green, black and terracotta. Our rubber mulch is widely used in playgrounds throughout the UK, with our green, brown and terracotta mix being the most popular as it looks so natural.

You can see how we transformed a school play area with our recycled rubber mulch here.

Automotive rubber:

automotive rubber chippings in equestrian arenaAutomotive rubber in bowling green ditch fill

Our recycled automotive rubber is made by granulating and shredding automotive rubber from windscreen and door trims into 8-20mm chippings.

This product doesn’t require colouring or sealing. The recycled automotive rubber chippings was specifically made for the equestrian and bowling green market.

It makes a fantastic topping for silica sand arenas and menages, as it is light, frost proof and long lasting.

The automotive rubber chippings also make the perfect bowling green ditch fill as it it is soft, permeable and dries quickly – so no chance of damage to your woods or lawnmowers!

You can see our blog on recycled automotive rubber for equestrian here, and our case study on automotive rubber for bowling green ditch fill here.



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