Our Story

Safer Surfacing is an exciting company that thrives on creating exceptionally useful products made from recycled rubber. All of our recycled rubber products have been produced with the environment in mind. By using our range of products, you have helped put to good use some of the world’s toughest materials to recycle.

Our Aim

Our aim is to find reuse and purpose for one of the world’s toughest materials to dispose of – used vehicle tyres and automotive rubber. We develop and sell high quality products that are innovative, really useful, long-lasting and great quality.


Our Vision

Our vision is both simple and huge – to be the UK’s primary seller of recycled rubber products for use in any surfacing application. From play areas to roof top terraces and from equestrian arenas to the humble chicken run – Safer Surfacing have got it covered!

Our Values

Our values are at the forefront of every action and decision we make as a company. We value our communities and the environment we all work, play and live in – that is why we aim to reduce the volume of automotive rubber going to incineration thus doing our bit to reduce the UK carbon footprint.

As a family owned company we value loyalty, honesty, integrity and hard work. We take great pride in all we do and we are particularly proud of the excellent level of customer service we provide.
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